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Only groundbreaking technologies enable resellers, system integrators, VARs and other IT service providers to effectively protect their customers. This comes with a number of challenges however and Cyber Monks provides the solutions to overcome these challenges.


The major challenge with cybersecurity solutions in general is that they are usually expensive and require huge investments, especially in the form of license fees. The standard business models do not allow resellers, system integrators, VARs and other IT service providers to offer their clients financial flexibility. This means that many organizations can’t afford the best in cybersecurity and their IT service providers are forced to leave them vulnerable to the more advanced threats. Cybersecurity becomes a privilege for the most affluent organizations.

This changes with the Cyber Monks’ MSSD-model. We provide groundbreaking cybersecurity technologies in the form of managed services on a local platform to our channel partners. They and their customers can benefit ot only from the most technically advanced solutions but also from a choice of flexible billing models. These allow channel partners to offer their customers attractive and flexible pricing, without investments up-front.



The other major challenge for resellers, system integrators, VARs and other IT service providers in selling the groundbreaking cybersecurity technologies that can cope with today’s threats is a shortage of resources. IT service providers do not have the resources to research, test, host and support the most advanced cybersecurity technologies. And the companies behind these most advanced cybersecurity technologies, that are usually small, specialist organizations operating out of Silicon Valley, do not have the resources to support channel partners and customers to ensure their technologies are running properly.



The Cyber Monks team addresses all these issues. We have local resources to support our local partners and empower them to efficiently protect their customers. We support our partners every step of the way. We help them do identify prospects and explain to them how the advanced cybersecurity technologies in our portfolio work, how they protect organizations and how the MSSD business model makes these advanced technologies affordable. We have created local platform to reliably and efficiently run these avantgarde solutions and provide extensive technical support, so that our partners can assure their customers of flawless cybersecurity operations. In addition we have an extensive training offering to make sure our partners serve their customers at the highest possible level.

To its core Cyber Monks is a channel-organization driven by the desire to make resellers, system integrators, VARs and other IT service providers successful in protecting their clients against the most advanced cyberthreats. We have the solutions that address today’s most relevant challenges for advanced cybersecurity, lack of funds, lack of knowledge and lack of resources. We make cybersecurity accessible.