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1Business Security: Unveiling the Mastercard-Backed Cybersecurity Marketplace

Mastercard | CyberMonks introduces the Cyber Security Marketplace – a fusion of sophisticated, cutting-edge cybersecurity and risk management solutions tailored for both SMEs and Enterprises. We’ve streamlined the process, ensuring easy engagement and seamless solution implementation. Our marketplace continually expands, introducing an array of vetted cybersecurity services and solutions. Trusted by numerous global enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, our offerings assure you’re in esteemed company. Each solution is complemented by region-specific support and services. For those with a special code or bundle package, please visit our marketplace and enter your code to access exclusive offers.

Cyber Monks Evolving threats

Cyberrisk Rating

0day exploits

Supply Chain Risk Management

Advanced threats

Automated Threat Protection 

Cyber Monks Cyber Monks
E-Mail Security File Security Authentification
Cyber Monks
Malware Recognition Security Orchestration System Monitoring

Benefit from unrivalled solutions

Partnering with Mastercard and Cyber Monks allows your organization to embrace cutting-edge technology and leverage advanced cybersecurity solutions available in the market.

With our services, you can seamlessly adopt these solutions without any significant impact on your organization. Our dedicated service team ensures that you are fully unburdened throughout the process.